FM 2012 Championship Player Profile – Kirk Broadfoot

FM 2012 Championship Players

written by Darren Smith

Kirk Broadfoot

Age: 26

Position: DC/DR

Club: Glasgow Rangers

Nationality: Scottish

Value: £500K

Price tag: £300K

Wages expectation: £6K per week (in patch 12.2)

Kirk Broadfoot’s profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

Kirk Broadfoot’s scouting report from Ruddick of Southampton

Kirk Broadfoot’s profile after one season in 2012

Kirk Broadfoot’s career history until 2012

This FM 2012 Championship Player Profile of Kirk Broadfoot shows what you can get on the cheap. While Broadfoot didn’t perform too well after signing for Blackpool in my save, he could do much better with proper management. I think that £300K is a cracking price and his wages aren’t too high either. If you’re missing a quality center back for your Championship campaign, I’d recommend investing in Broadfoot. His rating would be higher than 8 if Kirk had performed better in my future save.

Best buy rating: 8/10

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  • comment avatar Tijmen Stronks May 23, 2012

    Good defender but he is way too slow! Its a big risk if you play with a high defensive line!

    • comment avatar Darren Smith May 23, 2012

      It is but he’s not suggested for the EPL and the standard of the Championship means you have to let slip in certain areas whether it be physical, technical or mental.

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