FM 2011 Player Profiles- Leroy Fer

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Sibo

Leroy Fer

Age: 20

Position: Central Midfield (MC)

Club: Feyenoord

Nationality: Netherlands

Value: £3.5 million

Asking Price: £11.3 million

Leroy Fer in 2010 (Start of a new game)

Fer scouting report (Rowley)

I think Rowley has got it spot on here, Fer is probably not the best of the crop of young MCs at the start of the game (Sissoko comes to mind…) but he has the attributes that will allow you to mould him to fit pretty much any role right from the start, except maybe the ball winning midfielder, although with time he could develop t suit that too! I would argue that almost any club that has the money should get him, as long as they can provide first team football, because it may look like a bit of money to spend now, but I think by the time he reaches his peak around 26/27 he will easily be worth somewhere around £20 million if you want to sell, or he will be a quality MC for you if you don’t.

Nationally, he is yet to get a cap for the Netherlands, but anyone who chooses to manage them in FM would be stupid not to call him up (injury permitting), he could start against the smaller teams and with players like Van Bommel and Seedorf ageing, they will need a replacement and, as I said, his versatility will allow him to play either of their opposing roles in the squad.

Fer in 2018, age: 28, thanks to fm-base

My best buy rating: 7.5/10

As I said, he is not the best MC, and for a little bit more (£15M+) there are better options. However, he is very versatile and can be developed to slot into pretty much any role or duty in the center of the park. For any team outside of the top six in England (aside from Real Madrid or Barcelona) he is more than capable of playing regular football and the reward of that will be an absolutely incredible MC, who won’t be that much worse than the more pricey options at the start of the game.

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  • comment avatar Majk July 18, 2011

    Seeing as he is that versatile you could easily make him one of the best wingbacks (RB,LB) in the game. You know how expensive great young wingbacks are. And this chap can easily sub for any midfielder in the game if you nurture him the right way.

    I’m currently managing Feyenoord, and he’s a beast in my 3rd season. I’ve tried him as a wingback and even winger in a few games and he has contributed in every single try,either by goals or assists. Even making me doubt his original position for a new one.

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