FM 2011 Player Profiles- Junior Hoilett

FM 2011 Wingers

written by Sibo

Junior Hoilett

Age: 20

Position: Right Winger (AMR)

Club: Blackburn Rovers

Nationality: Canada

Value: £4.1 million

Asking Price: £9.6 million

Hoilett in 2010 (start of a new game)

Hoilett Scout Report (Rowley)

Not particularly amazing on the technical front, his only real ability at the start of the game is a freakish pace and insane acceleration. However, whilst his technical skills aren’t amazing, they are solid enough for a decent club like Blackburn to benefit from. If, as a manager, you can combine the few good skills he has at the start and his pace, he could be deadly. Hoilett looks a lot like a “traditional winger” with those stats but I would argue that his finishing is good enough to tempt me at experimenting with inside forward, especially if I worked on it in training. The only role I don’t see him developing for is “advanced playmaker” as he lacks a creative spark to combine with his technical ability.

Nationally, he is one of Canada’s best players already and, alongside the (Toronot F.C. fueled) buzz in developing Canadian youngsters, there is a decent chance that Hoilett could be part of a “golden generation” of Canadian players that may actually be able to fight for the Gold Cup in a few years time.

Hoilett in 2015, age: 25, thanks to the dugout

My best buy rating: 6/10

Hoilett is a very awkward player, he is just a bit too good and a bit to expensive for the bottom teams, but no-where near good enough to start regularly for a top team. However, if you are one of the few teams where he will start regularly then I highly recommend him, as he is a fantastic winger. He could also warm the bench for a top club, but if that’s what you want then wait, as he will just rot away if he doesn’t get football for the first couple of seasons of the game.

Note: Unlike my other players, Hoilett is very hard to sell for profit either, so in a way you get a cheeky trick as you can put in a profit clause to lower the price, but never have to pay it. On the other hand, don’t offer long contracts as he will become very hard to shift after he turns 28/29 from what I have seen in friend’s games.

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