FM 2011 Player Profiles- Ji Dong-Won

FM 2011 cheap players

written by Sibo

Ji Dong-Won

Age: 19

Position: Striker

Club: Chunnam

Nationality: South Korea

Value: £875,000

Asking Price: £2.7 million

Ji Dong-Won’s Profile in 2010 (start of a new game)

Scout Report (Steve Worsley)

Ji Dong-Won has just been bought by Sunderland in real-life, so clearly people agree with FM! Seriously though, Dong-Won is an incredible player that I feel is often overlooked by most people, he is a fantastic target man and I could easily see him playing for a mid-table Premier League side for many years.

In terms of a national job, he is one of the few good young players in South Korea right now and he will definitely be one of their key players in a few years, alongside Park Chu Young and Chung Yong Lee, the attacking trio that will make up part of South Korea’s new team when the guard changes from Park Ji-Sung and co.

Ji Dong-Won in 2015, courtesy of fm-base

My best buy rating: 7.5/10

Ji could easily start for any team in the Premier League outside of the big six (Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool).  £2.7M is, in my opinion, a very good price for a player that could spearhead the front line of a mid-table Premier League club.

However, there is still good reason for you to buy him if you are a good club. He may not start, but he would definitely be a good bench warmer and a capable back-up for the top quality strikers of a top quality team, he is also very likely to increase in value so I reckon 9 times out of 10 you can sell him on for a good profit if you do want to get rid of him.

Note: Chunnam normally ask for a 10% profit of next sale clause, so make sure you try to squeeze every penny from a buying club!

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Darren Smith

Incredible find, great work mate!!


Incredible, time for me to begin scouting Asia…… Good work Sibo :-)

David Wiggins

Former Reading FC youngster too :)


what a unknown player!maybe i should load Korean league in my next save :P
well i think you should check Son Heung Min and Suk,they are decent in my game