FM 2011 Player Profiles- Bojan

FM 2011 Strikers

written by Sibo

Bojan Krkic

Age: 19

Position: Striker (ST)

Club: Barcelona

Nationality: Spanish

Value: £7 million

Asking Price: £35 million (patch 11.3)

Bojan’s profile in 2010 (Start of a new game)

Bojan scouting report (Rowley)

Bojan already starts the game as a very, very good player which is probably why Barcelona are asking for such a ridiculous price tag from the outset. I think he could fit into almost any side from the very start but only a top team would be able to afford him. That leaves him in a bit of a limbo, do you pay almost all or all of your transfer budget (unless your Man City) on a player that is only similar to your strikers, but no better, or do yo wait as a smaller club like Tottenham or Aston Villa and wait to garner the funds to make him a key player?

Bojan profile in 2021

He hasn’t improved terribly much, however, I feel that is due to his limited game time with Barca, until about 2015 when David Villa presumably lost his incredible ability he was struggling to get 20 games a season and I think that lack of games hasn’t allowed him to reach his potential. Despite this he is still an important player in their squad in 2021 and I believe for that reason any club that could pay his price tag and give him a lot of game-time would have  a fantastic player for many years.

My best buy rating: 6/10

I struggled between a 5.5 and 6 because his price tag is so incredibly high. His quality alone makes him about a 9 if he was already at the club, it is just getting knocked down so much because £35 million is such a monstrous amount to pay for someone who is 19 and still relatively unproven.

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  • comment avatar Darren Smith September 5, 2011

    Interesting profile mate, if Bojan was part of any other club he’s probably go for around £15-20 mill. That price tag is just too much in my opinion.

    • comment avatar Sibo September 5, 2011

      Cheers Darren, I agree the price is shocking, but I believe he is a quality player, hopefully it will be easier to get him in FM12 as he will only be at Roma. :D

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