FM 2011 player profile – Vegard Eggen Hedenstad

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Marius R


Vegard Eggen Hedenstad

Age: 19 years old

Position: DR, MC

Club: Stabæk FK

Nationality: Norwegian

Value: 1m euros

Price tag: 2.75m euros

Vegard Eggen Hedenstad starting attributes

At first glance he seems like a decent 19 year old and very suited for the right back position, I think at this point he would be a good player for championship sides and a good back-up for most lower reputation top division teams.

The Arsenal Report Card

They seem to give him hope but not much, believing with a little luck he can be better than Bacary Sagna which can only be positive and now the part you are all waiting for, what he can develop into.

Vegard Eggen Hedenstad playing for AS Monaco in 2019

He has improved on pretty much ever level he is a lot better mentally and technically although I do not think he has reached his maximum this is close to the best that he can be. He is very well suited for a team like Monaco or any others at that level.

Best Buy Rating : 7/10

I put him at 7 out of 10 because of his price, his potential and most of all his versatility as I know from experience he can retrain to many postitions. He is a great buy both for potential future star and back-up for many sides and if you are playing lower-rep top division teams he is a great cheap addition.

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