FM 2011 player profile – Torstein Andersen Aase

FM 2011 cheap players

written by Marius R

Torstein Andersen Aase

Age: 18 years old

Positions: Striker

Club: Stabæk FK

Nationality: Norwegian

Value: £ 0,65 million

Price Tag: £ 0,7 million

Torstein Andersen Aase starting attributes

Here he is at the start of the game, what strikes you intially is for his age he is a decent striker there is one massive issue, his speed. He has high determination and strength which are vital for a striker

Torstein Andersen Aase’s Arsenal scout report

Almost has the potential to be as good as Van Persie according to these scouts and there isn’t a massive amount of hope for him at Arsenal with only a 2.5 star potential rating

Torstein Andersen Aase in 2019 playing for Porto

As you can see he can turn into quite the target striker, the main concern his speed has improved and he has become both physically and mentally more adpet which come with age. An added bonus is that his technique can improve quite a bit and his first tough of 17 is vital for some one who would most likely be a lone striker. A nickname which is perfect for him would be the poor-mans Edin Dzeko

My Best Buy Rating: 7.5/10

I give him this rating becuase he has enormous potential and he can come very cheaply, both his contract and asking price are meager. He may develop more than he has in my game as he did go to some teams that hardly played him in his younger years.

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