FM 2011 player profile – Stefan Reinartz

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Louis Hall

Stefan Reinartz

Age: 21

Position: DC/DM/CM

Club: Leverkusen

Nationality: German

Value: £3.1 million

Price tag: £9.5million on patch 11.3.

 Stefan Reinartz’s profile in 2010 (after starting a new game, patch 11.3)

Stefan Reinartz’s scouting report (Cigagao of Arsenal)

A pretty average report truth be told, nothing too special. Let’s take a look at his future profile:

Stefan Reinartz’s profile in 2019 (aged 30)

Still not brilliant, just a run of the mill, decent defender. He would be completely un-noteworthy, but for the next thing I will show you, and hopefully make you see why I love him so much.

So, does this convince you? He consistantly achieved ratings of above 7.3 for many seasons, playing at least 27 games every year. He was only sold do to his decline as a player, and he managed to captain Leverkusen to both domestic domination and continental glory. He is an exception defender and he gets the odd goal from set pieces. He is also very versatile, playing in midfield and defensive midfield (though admittedly I never played him in these positions). Overall, he is a very solid signing and can fit into almost any team in the world.

Best buy rating: 9/10

Oh, and this is my first ever profile, so any comments/tips for future profiles would be greatly appreciated.

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