FM 2011 player profile – Simon Kjaer

FM 2011 Defenders

written by Darren Smith

Simon Kjaer

Age: 21

Position: DC

Club: Wolsburg (Germany)

Nationality: Danish

Value: £5.0 million

Price tag: £20 million on patch 11.3. (Just signed for new club so may be less in a year or two.)

Simon Kjaer’s profile in 2010 (after starting new game, patch 11.3)

Simon Kjaer’s scouting report (from Cagigao of Arsenal)

Simon Kjaer’s profile aged 30 in 2019

Simon Kjaer’s career history from my Newcastle save until 2019

Simon Kjaer is a true wonderkid and probably one of Football Manager 2011’s best defenders. Whether your Man Utd wanting to replace Ferdinand, Barcelona needing to replace Puyol or even money bags City…this FM 2011 wonderkid is the answer. Kjaer is brilliant from the off and his real strength is in technique and passing, you always expect the usual attributes from from a CB but to have a real passer is very rare. I guess this is demonstrated by Kjaer’s transfer to Barcelona (the passing kings) within my Newcastle save. He generally managed an average rating of over 7.5 and even reached more than 7.8 during his latter seasons. Your only issue is that Simon has just been transferred to Wolfsburg and may not favour a move during 2010…but keep your eyes peeled to snatch him up when the opportunity arises.

Best buy rating: 8/10

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  • comment avatar Nicholas Phipps ('Nick' on the main site) July 22, 2011

    I managed Wolfsburg for roughly 3 seasons, and him and Arne Friedrich were unbeatable, probably the best defensive pairing in the Bundesliga! It worked perfectly with Kjaer being a ball playing defender and friedrich being a limited one. Although I had to break it up after 2 seasons after Friedrich got too old, they were still one of the best CB pairings that I ever managed!

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