FM 2011 Player Profile – Shinji Kagawa

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Johnny Karp

Shinji Kagawa

Age: 21

Position: Attacking Midfielder Centre

Club: Dortmund

Nationality: Japanese

Value: 4.6 million GBP

Price tag: unavailable (doesn’t want to leave the club)

Initial profile

Scouting report

Future profile (2020)

Shinji Kagawa is a little gem, he becomes one of the best attacking midfielders in the game and that’s a sound reason to buy him. However, you will be unable to sign him at the start of the game simply because he doesn’t want to leave Dortmund, probably because he had just joined him from Japanese club Cerezo. As you can see from the future profile he makes impressive progress but he doesn’t break into a major club like Real Madrid, Barca, Arsenal or the likes. The good thing is that you will probably be able to buy him for less than 15 million pounds starting 2011 or 2012 and that is a very small price to pay for such a talent. Another important aspect is that he is an incredibly versatile player, he is a natural AMC but he can cover any given role in midfield: MC, MR, ML, AML, AMR. You can even use him as a striker if you want :)

Players best buy rating out of 10: 9/10

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  • comment avatar Darren Smith August 21, 2011

    Nice find Johnny, I’ve never really noticed him before but Kagawa looks very good and has some great potential.

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp August 21, 2011

      My scouts always pointed him out to me but I never even have made an offer… That was a mistake I guess, he seems very good.

      • comment avatar ash July 13, 2012

        ive got him with free transfer after he doesnt want to sign new contract. but i wonder how to build his creativity attribute. may i have some tips?

        • comment avatar Darren Smith July 13, 2012

          You can’t build a players creativity as far as I’m aware, its just an attribute that rises on its own…its part of a players personality and you can’t train that…maybe try tutoring him with a really experienced and creative midfielder.

  • comment avatar ash July 13, 2012

    and i got him in 2013-2014 season.sorry for the double post.

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