FM 2011 player profile – Sergio Aguero

FM 2011 Strikers

written by Nicholas Phipps

Sergio Aguero

Age: 22

Position: Striker

Club: Atletico Madrid

Nationality: Argentina

Value: 17,250,000

Price tag: 32,000,000 (patch 11.3)

Current attributes:

Sergio Aguero is already a world class striker and player and would get into any team’s starting eleven. He has also held down a place in the Argentina national team despite competition from Messi, Tevez, Milito and Higuain, to name just a few. However, Aguero is still young, which almost scarily means… he is going to get better! He also feels his current club, Atletico Madrid are too unambitious and would happily move to another club at the start of the game. The price is quite high but quite simply, Aguero is a fantastic, world class player, who has the potential to be the best striker in the game. If you have a club with a £30 million budget, snap him up, and he will score at least 15 goals every season.

Arsenal scout report:

Rowley gets it spot on here, with 4 stars a roughly correct estimate of Aguero’s potential ability. He is fairly poor in the air but, at 22, there is plenty of time to change this through effective training. It might also be possible to train Aguero up as a winger due to his high speed and flair. Aguero could probably be used best as a trequastria or a deep lying forward, due to his great technical and creative ability.

Aguero in 2015:

Personally, I was quite dissapointed by Aguero’s stats here. He has made slight improvements, but has not got to the level I had expected him to get to right now. It was probably due him never moving away from Atletico Madrid when (all due respect) he could have moved to bgger clubs. Nevertheless, he has still been in incredible form for Atletico Madrid scoring at an amazing rate. If you want a world class young striker at the start of the game,, Sergio Aguero is your best option. He is experienced in European football and can probably play effectively in any league in the world

Overall best buy rating: This is probably the cheapest ‘world class’ player you can get on the game under 24. However he’s still expensive, so that dilutes the score down to 8/10

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  • comment avatar mike August 16, 2011

    Im in my career with liverpool atm and have just won the league, i havnt spent alot of money but i keep an eye out for aguero but when i went to buy him he asks for over £300,000 in wages which puts me off, my best advice buy him really early in the game!

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