FM 2011 player profile – Serge Aurier

FM 2011 Defenders

written by Nicholas Phipps

Serge Aurier

Age: 17

Position: Right Back

Club: RC Lens

Nationality: Ivory Coast

Value: 2,100,000

Price tag: 11,500,00 (Patch 11.3 (it’s far less on Patch 11.2)

Aurier’s current attributes

So this is Serge Aurier, another young prospect coming from the Lens academy (the other being Varane). At the age of 17, it’s pretty obvious to see that he could be worl-class in  few years time. He’s a fast and physical player who is very determned and with high mental strength. His aerial attributes are a bit dodgy but can be sorted out easily with extra training. Aurier is admittedly very expensive for a 17 year old but, in a few years time you’ll easily be able to sell him for a large profit, due to his sensational potential. Dubbed as the next Kolo Toure, this youngster has  a bright future ahead of him

Arsenal scout report:

Rowley has pretty much got it spot on here, and we can clearly see that, while he won’t pull up ay trees for the first few seasons, if you nuture him carefully and properly, he becomes an immense talent and player. Rowley also point out that Aurier can be used as a wing-back, something which is also a good idea due to his speed and crossing.

Aurier in 2015

There are two things you need to take into consideration here. The first is that he has improved an incredible amount over the past 4 years , and would now get into virtuallyany starting team’s line-up. The second is, he is still 21, and there is still incredibly plenty of time for more improvement! Aurier turns into one of the best defenders in the game, more then making up for his original price. If you have enough money, buy him in the first season, as he gets a lot more expensive after that

Aurier in real life:

Aurier has been playing occasionally for the Lens team this season In total he has made seven appearences for them. He has been constantly linked to bigger clubs such as Manchester City or Real Madrid.

Overall best buy rating: 9.5/10

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  • comment avatar Majk July 19, 2011

    A great, great right back. Physical with good mental attributes. Train his technical abilities and you’ll probably get the best right back in the game after a couple of seasons.

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