FM 2011 Player Profile- Ryan Shawcross

FM 2011 Defenders

written by Sibo

Ryan Shawcross

Age: 22

Position: Central Defence (DC)

Club: Stoke

Nationality: England

Value: £5 million

Asking Price: £15 million

Shawcross profile at the start of a new game

Shawcross scout report (Rowley)

This is an incredible write up, if you ask me, as Shawcross is being compared to one of the best DCs in the game, Thomas Vermaelen. Shawcross is already captain of Stoke in real-life, and his mental game for a 22 year old is incredible, add to this the fact that he has very good defending and heading qualities and you arguably have the best young centre-back in the game. Shawcross does not deserve to be at a club like Stoke and should really be leading the back line in a top Premier League club, in fact only Manchester United, with Vidic and Ferdinand already have two better centre-backs, and any other team could fit him in from the start.

For England, Shawcross would be a great addition. In my opinion he is already in the top five best English central defenders, and with Ferdinand and Terry getting on a bit, it would be a crime for any FM player who is managing England from 2012 onwards not to use him as your starting DC.

Shawcross in 2020, age: 32, thanks to Darren Smith

Shawcross’ career stats until 2020, thanks to Darren Smith

My best buy rating: 10/10

Face it, at 22 he isn’t going to be a bargain, and Stoke aren’t stupid. £15 million is a decent price for me, he is a fantastic centre-back and could fit into almost any team in the world from the start. I think this is summed up nicely in his career stats, playing for Manchester City, the second best team in England (after Darren’s Newcastle), and only playing two seasons with less than thirty games. To then go from there to Arsenal at the age of 30 speaks volumes about how good he is as a defender, to still go to a club that good with declining physical stats.

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  • comment avatar Louis Hall August 3, 2011

    Good profile pal, but the picture at the top is (if I’m not much mistaken) Liam Lawrence :)

  • comment avatar Tom Miller August 3, 2011

    ^ true :D

  • comment avatar Sibo August 3, 2011

    Oh, terribly sorry. It is just that that picture came up when I searched Ryan Shawcross and I thought it was nice because it was one of the few ones where he wasn’t bald looking!

    I will change that ASAP. :D

  • comment avatar Louis Hall August 4, 2011

    Nah you’re alright for me pal, just informing you n’all xD

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