FM 2011 Player Profile – Romário

FM 2011 cheap players

written by Marius R


Age: 16

Positions: D/WB (R)

Club: Vitoria

Nationality: Brazilian

Value: £ 425 k

Price Tag: £ 140 k

Romário starting attributes

These stats read for decent reading considering he is 16, the most positive thing is his natural fitness: He only has decent determination and rather poor work rate, he also looks very decent technically for being 16 and overall looks promising

Romário’s Arsenal scout report

He is very cheap, but he will as a non-EU player need a work-permit and will probably not be able to move to europe especially England. However he does according to the scouts seem as promising as his stats suggest.

Romário playing for Sevilla in 2019

He has developed at an immense rate and the most obvious improvement is in his physique which is absolutely marvelous. His technique and defensive attributes get better, but they are not marvelous. What has also improved drastically are his mental attributes which are impressive especially his off the ball for a defender. However you will have to wait a while for him to develop and need to nurture him well enough for him to get to this level, on top of the fact you may not get him due to the work permit needs.

Best Buy Rating: 9/10

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  • comment avatar Darren Smith August 13, 2011

    Brilliant find mate, Romario is my sort of right back and cheap as chips!

  • comment avatar onecapwonder October 5, 2011

    SS of him at 22 on my save.

    He is an excellent attacking/modern fullback, though hes been relatively poor for me this season (no assists). He’s a great buy whatever but if you have a fullback or any defender with high influence and determination he’d be even better as hopefully tutoring would push his low determination higher, which should lead to him getting closer to his PA than he has done for me.

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