FM 2011 Player Profile – Phil Jones

FM 2011 Defenders

written by Laxeyman

Phil Jones

Age: 18

Position: DC / DM, MC

Club: Blackburn

Nationality: English

Value: £3.9m

Price tag: £14.75m, patch 11.3 

Phil Jones at the start of FM 11 (July 2010):

Jones already looks like a quality player at just 18, a player that could hold his own in the Premier League, and with his high Determination and Work Rate he is almost certain to get better.

Here’s what Arsenal’s Steve Rowley (who has 20 for both Judging Current and Potential Ability) thinks of this British wonderkid:

Rowley Scout Report:

As you can see, Rowley rates Jones very highly, saying that he is already a decent Premier League player, with the potential to become a leading star, and become one of the best defenders around. Rowley reckons that he would cost around £14.75m, but from what I’ve seen of Jones develop I’d say that’s a price worth paying.

Here he is in my game, currently in September 2019:

Jones in the future (2019):

He is awesome. A simply brilliant defender, and Man City got one of the best deals ever when they snapped him up for just £9.75m in January 2014. He has pace, strength, is good in the air, basically Jones becomes the complete defender, and can also do a good job in midfield if needed too. He is a world class player, and at still just 27, will surely captain both Man City and England in the future.

Here are Jones’ career stats:

Jones struggled a bit in the first three seasons in game, but after Blackburn dropped into the Championship he regained some confidence, and ever since joining City he has been fantastic. I’d also say that playing in a Blackburn side regularly near the bottom of the Premier League didn’t help Jones, and since joining a top side he has really kicked on. He also chips in with a fair few goals and assists for a defender, and all this means that in my opinion Phil Jones is a must buy on FM11 if possible.

My Best Buy Rating: 9.5/10

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  • comment avatar Laxeyman July 16, 2011

    Yep, he becomes a brilliant player, the best young defender on FM11 along with Wilson in my opinion.

  • comment avatar plobdork July 16, 2011

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i hate him (hes a great player really but im a burnley fan sooo) BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i hate him

  • comment avatar Laxeyman July 16, 2011

    haha Plobdork, I hate him now cos the Man Utd scumbags have snapped him up :( I only hope he doesn’t become as good in real life as he does on FM…

  • comment avatar Vaibhav Chandrasekhar July 16, 2011

    Yeah, he will become even better than in real life.

    • comment avatar Vaibhav Chandrasekhar July 16, 2011

      sorry, better in real life.

  • comment avatar Laxeyman July 17, 2011

    Hopefully not but you’re probably right.

  • comment avatar Yagub October 23, 2011

    Thats the stats in 2012 in my save ;)he is way better in my save :)

    • comment avatar Darren Smith October 23, 2011

      This is from the 2011 game, not he 2012 if that’s what you were referring to with your stats.

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