FM 2011 Player Profile – Manoel

FM 2011 Defenders

written by Timmy

Manoel Messias Silva Carvalho (or just Manoel it’s okay)

Age20 yrs old

Position: CB, DR (competent)

Club: Atletico Paranaense

Nationality: Brazil

Value: 3.3 Million GBP

Price tag: 9.25 million GBP (11.3) 

Manoel profile in 2010 after starting a new game:

+) Determination, work rate, natural fitness, anticipation, consistency and many more

-) Tackling, jumping, team work, concentration, marking

Well he already starts with some good attributes, with some improvement on mental and tackling attributes he will become a good defender for any Premier League side, this is what Cagigao said:

He is one of the best CB COVER if you train him well, maybe a good kind of defender while using attacking tactics, let’s see how he develops.

Manoel in 2014:

He develops well, but didn’t reach his potential. Manoel will develop better than this if you pick him from the start.

Best Buy Rating: 7.5/10 (because he is cheap, has a lot of potential and is already decent defender from start of the game.)

This is my first post so I am sorry if there are any mistakes and I know my post isn’t great but i will try to improve my writting skills, so until next post goodbye.

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  • comment avatar daniel July 14, 2011

    Good post dont worry there are no mistakes and he looks like a he could become a gem of a player if trained right

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