FM 2011 player profile – Kevin

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Marius R


Age: 18

Postition: AMC/MC

Club: Zaragoza

Nationality: Spanish

Value: £ 1.6 m

Price Tag: £ 2 m

Kevin starting attributes

Already decent in many of the key midfield attributes, but he is far from ready for top-flight football, the main reason why is his physique, one thing to note is he aerial ability which thanks to his height will not improve a lot.

Kevin’s Arsenal scout report

Anyone who can possibly be as good is well worth investing in from the beginning even though his current ability isn’t great according to this he comes cheap and with not a lot of contract expectations

Kevin in 2019 playing for Manchester City

He has quite literally become twice as good and is very nice for a central midfielder, as you can see he is worth 16 million euro at the age of 27 and has also grown to demand a massive contract. He is a great playmaker and doesn’t get near as many minutes as he should in Manchester and he has had a turbulent club-switching past which may be why he has only grabbed 3 caps.

My Best Buy Rating : 9/10

I give him this rating because he is cheap available to most clubs and willing to go on loan at the beginning of the game although I think you need to nurture him and you usually have to fight Barcelona for his signature, but not always.

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