FM 2011 Player Profile – Junior Stanislas

FM 2011 Wingers

written by daniel

Name: Junior Stanislas

Age: 20

Position: AMR

Club: West Ham United

Nationality: English

Value: £3.2 million

Price Tag: £5.5 million ( on 11.3 patch)

 Junior Stanislas’ starting attriubutes

As you can see Stanislas is a quick winger with great crossing and dribbling and if he is nurtured right he can become a top class player. He also can play AML but if you choose to use him in this position choose inside forward role. Here is his scout report.

Definitely been a bit underrated by Arsenal especially his current and potential ability. I mean I play him in my game and he is usually one of the best performers even helping get in to the champions league.

Junior Stanislas attributes in November 2012

As you can see he is definitely improving and its quite impressive considering I have a had poor training facilities for the first 2 seasons of my save (David Sullivan screwing me over like usual).  As some more proof to show he is a very good performer here is his history.

As you can see he scores goals he gets assists and always performs.

Best buy rating 7/10

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