FM 2011 Player Profile – Jordan Spence

FM 2011 Defenders

written by daniel

Hey everybody Daniel here with my first player profile. Those of you who followed allthatisfm should remember me. As the title suggests the player profile is for Jordan Spence.

Name : Jordan Spence

Age : 20

Position : DR, DC ( I recommend to play him center back)

Club : West Ham United

Nationality : English

Value : £1.1 million

Price Tag : £2.9 million (on 11.3 patch)

Jordan Spence starting attributes

As you can see he has got some good attributes considering he never plays but I think his attributes show he has a good future in the game. Also he is strong and pretty quick but his passing lets him down, but for these reasons I usually on my games play him in center back even though as his scout report will show he is meant to be a right back.

Arsenals scout agrees with me that Spence has potential but best not at right back although i disagree with him on two things the fact that his current ability needs more recognition as does his potential ability but on the other hand if a player plays well or goes out on loan and does well his reports can go up. The two  screenshots below also shows the fact that if played as a center back he is definitley.

 Attributes in September 2012

As you can see he has not rapidly improved but improvement none the less and considering how much gametime he has played not that surprising but as you will see in the next screenshot he can definitely cut it at the top level.


As you can see his history shows what his scout reports cannot and that is that Jordan Spence is a top performer. If you take in to account he hasn’t completed a full season of playing yet, the fact he hasn’t rapidly improved is understandable.

Best buy rating 7/10 

Maybe not the best for all the top teams like chelsea but quality for most other teams especially in the premier league.

P.S could be useful to train him in DMC and train his passing up a bit also remember to play him at center back for the best performances

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  • comment avatar alex July 11, 2011

    NIce write-up, he is a decent player but showing him in 2012 doesn’t really show us how well he can develop, because at 22 players can improve by 1-2 in key areas and become better players. Good job though :).

    • comment avatar daniel July 11, 2011

      ha yer but this is the latest save i have though but i will be playing it more so you can see players develop more and thats why i added the av ratings aswell t oshow his scout reports wrong.

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