FM 2011 Player Profile – Joe Hart

FM 2011 Goalkeepers

written by Excessive

Joe Hart

Age: 23

Position: Goalkeeper

Club: Manchester City (England)

Nationality: English

Value: £4.5M

Price tag: £17.5M (Patch 11.3)

Joe Hart’s profile in 2010 after starting new game

What can I say? Already at 23, he is England’s number one and has another 10-12 years game time ahead of him yet. Amazing shot stopping ability that you could see time and time again this season for Man City, pulling off world class saves and he can only get better both in game, and in real life. A large price tag yes, but it’s a sound investment when your looking to pay half the sum you would for a striker of equal ability and one that can rival the current greats in world football. It doesn’t look that large any more does it? The scouts report below is from Arsenal’s Cagigao and shows what Hart could become.

Here, Cagigao compares him to Arsenal goalkeeper Almunia (arguably the weekest part of the Arsenal team). I would argue that Hart is currently better than Almunia, visually his stats are much more appealing in the more important attributes. Potentially, he is a world class goal keeper that will become (and arguably is currently) the best goalkeeper in the English Premier League.

Joe Hart’s profile in 2016 aged 29

In all honesty, I have seen him blossom into a better keeper but even so, look at how he has developed! His communication has drastically improved, as has a number of his other stats to create a goalkeeper that has been in the EPL ‘Team of the Year’ no less than 3 times in the past 6 years. Unfortunately, the AI hasn’t been able to rectify his speed and that will mean that he will need to be used as a bog standard keeper rather than a ‘Sweeper’. Nonetheless he is a very, very good keeper and one that for less than £20M will surely secure your back 4 and prove a sound investment over his 10 year footballing career.

My Best Buy Rating: 9/10

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  • comment avatar Rui Santos July 13, 2011

    Great player!

    By the way there is an error ;):

    “…and shows what Sirigu could become.”

    • comment avatar Excessive July 13, 2011

      Good spot! That’s the trouble of doing 2 profiles in one night ;)


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