FM 2011 Player Profile – Javi Martinez

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Johnny Karp

Javi Martinez

Name: Javi Martinez

Age: 21

Position: Central Midfielder

Club: Athletic Bilbao

Nationality: Spanish

Value: 5.5 million GBP

Price tag: 23 million GBP in patch 11.3

Initial profile

Scouting report

Future profile (2020)

I’ve made this profile after David suggested it and I really have to thank Dave for the hint, this lad surely deserves to have his profile listed here. He is the leader of the Spanish Under 21 team and one of the most interesting young players in Spain, probably the next big Barcelona signing. As you can see the scout believes that he can become just as good as Cesc Fabregas but he would make a great first team player for any top team even at the age of 21. Man City bought him in my game for 20.5 million in 2016 but you have to know that he has a minimum fee release clause at the start of the game, 26 million pounds. However, you can negotiate and get him for 23 million for Athletic Bilbao at the start of the game, that’s not cheap at all but I believe that it would be money well spent. I have played against him with Vauxhall many times, maybe too many, and I have to tell you that he was always difficult to counter because of his ability to do the unexpected and provide killer passes for his team mates. He also is a very tall lad and very good in the air, that’s an important plus for a box-to-box midfielder.

Players best buy rating out of 10: 9/10

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