FM 2011 Player Profile- Iker Muniain

FM 2011 Strikers

written by Sibo

Iker Muniain

Age: 17

Position: Striker

Club: Athletic Bilbao

Nationality: Spain (Basque)

Value: £3.9 million

Asking Price: £10.5 million

Muniain in 2010 (Start of a new game)

Muniain scouting report (Rowley)

I agree with Rowley here, there are a lot of good 17 year old strikers at the start of the game, but Muniaian is definitely among the best of them. He is also different to the others (Lukaku, Sanogo and Babacar) as he has already got a lot of pace which allows him to play in a poacher role for most teams, and he can either have his strength built up to make a great support striker or you can make a fantastic striker by developing his finishing to go alongside his already fantastic technique.

Some regard him as the future of Spanish football, and if he is then his era will have to redefine Spanish football as he lacks the creativity that is currently the standard set by the products of the Barcelona youth academy that make up the Spanish football team, but he makes up for it with incredible physical attributes. Any Spain manager that looks to get the best out of him will need to play a more physical style more akin to Stoke than Arsenal…

Munian in 2022, age: 29, thanks to Darren Smith

My best buy rating: 8.5/10

He has developed really well here and is definitely good enough to play in the Premier League for any team. Obviously certain tactics would suit him better and this lost him a 10 as the majority of other good young strikers are still very versatile when you buy them at 17.

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Nicholas Phipps

Nice profile and great player. It’s weird how all the latest crop of Spanish wonderkids never seem to play much for Spain in their future (at least on FM!) Minoan has only made 12 appearances for them at the age of 29 while on my De Gea profile, he still hadn’t played for Spain at the age of 24! Anyway, nice profile. ;-)


I dont think your right in saying he suits stoke just because he has good physical attributes


I think what you mean is his physical attributes allow him to play in to a direct stule of football but he also plays well in a fluid shorter passing style like barcelona.

p.s. just in case you wanted to know when writing the post and once you have inserted the image, click the image, then click edit the image then change the percentage size from 100 percent to 90 percent. this way you do not have to click the screenshot in the post and part of the screenshot doesnt get cut off

Darren Smith

Daniel that part about the screesnhots doesn’t make sense. Sibo’s done it to the tutorial and his screenshots look fine, perfectly visible and they enlarge fine when clicked on. They aren’t cut off either so I’m not sure what you mean unless the resolution of your computer is smaller than the standard in which case this would be explained.

Nicholas Phipps

daniel, are u viewing this site on an i-touch/iphone/something like that mate? All the pictures are slightly cut off when you view it via there, which is why I use a computer to look at all the posts, otherwise it takes ages to wait for all the pictures to load. Thats probably the reason but it’s not Sibo’s fault, it happens to everyone’s posts :)


mmm on every resolution the end of the screenshot is cut off unless you enlarge it for me but thats for every ones apart from mine. so unless i enlarge i cannot see the physica lattributes

Signed Iker in my 3rd EPL season for Leicester City (4th season starting from version 11.3). Cost me 20mil from Athletico with a 82k/w contract but well worth it. He was used as the lone striker in a 4-2-3-1 with a fluid (i.e all roaming) front 4 (2 wingers and an AMC behind him) trying to ape the current, 2011, Man City side but using Iker instead of Dzeko. Was mainly played as a complete forward on attack sometimes as a poacher. Profile after 1 season of training (focusing mainly on tactics, shooting and areobic). / Stats aren’t too impressive… Read more »