FM 2011 Player Profile – Fabio Coentrao

FM 2011 Defenders

written by Birdy

Fabio Coentrao

Position: DL/ML

Age: 22

Club: Benfica

Nationality: Portuguese

Value: 3.7 Million Pounds

Asking Price: 8.5 Million Pounds

Coentrao Profile: Start of Game.

As you can see Fabio is already a well established player that has had quite a few caps for Portugal. Is a versatile player in the sense that he can play full back to the left of midfield. He is quite quick and has nice technique, tackling and a good work rate. He will always play well as he is a tidy and consistent player. Although he is 22 already he still has a heap of potential. He is very skilled with the ball at his feet and would be able to keep up with every winger every day. He does not ask for very high wages.

Coentrao Report: Cagigao.

Cagigao does not rate him highly as he is already quite established. Do not be deceived by the 6.5 million pound price-tag as Benfica are smart and realise that he is a top player and deserves more. They start with 15 Million and I bargained him down to 8.5 Million. Cagigao says that he is very fast and a consistent player which is what we want at the full back position. Isn’t it?

Coentrao’sProfile in 2016:

As you can see Fabio’s Technical Attributes have not improved that much but Mentally he has become a very smart player. He knows how and when to position himself and he is very good off the ball. He is on a big contract with Man Utd and would be an excellent signing to strengthen the Left Back area.

Coentrao’s History:

As you can see Man Utd bought him for quite a big fee of 11.5 Million. Every since joining them I had a look at the squad and he is Alex’s first choice. He has been a very consistent performer for Man Utd and will be for whoever decided to put him in their squad.

Best Buy Rating: 7/10

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  • comment avatar Darren Smith August 9, 2011

    Well done mate, very nice player!

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