FM 2011 Player Profile – Eden Hazard

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Darren Smith

Name: Eden Hazard

Age: 19

Position: AMC

Club: Lille

Nationality: Belgian

Value: £6m

Price tag: £13.5 without France league(s) loaded, £16.5m with France league(s) loaded (patch 11.3)

Hazard at the start in 2010

Hazard starts the game with the description of ‘wonderkid’, so only good things can come from signing him. It is very interesting to see that loading French leagues has an impact on his price tag, you could save £3m by deciding against loading France at the start. His value doesn’t change though, I guess he needs to be sold more because with French leagues loaded Lille need to be more competitive and value their wonderkid more. £13.5m is accepted by the Lille board as an offer too good to refuse, but with the French leagues loaded £16.5m is the best you can hope for, the Arsenal board signed him for £16.75m when I asked them, which if you manage Arsenal is what you will need to do since you will barely have enough. Enough rambling about price, here is his report:

A great report, at 19 he is considered a leading star already, why wouldn’t you sign him if you have the money? He can be as good as Fabregas, which is saying a lot since Fabregas is absolutely amazing. His wage demands aren’t that high either, considering just how great he can become. He is also good on the left wing too, possibly even better than as an AMC from what I’ve seen around the community.

Hazard in 2019, aged 28

This is Hazard in the future, he joined Palermo in January 2013 for just £12m and he has become on the best players in the world, his biography says he is ‘truly one of the world’s global stars’. He has constantly put in excellent performances for the Italian side and is their best player. His mental attributes have improved a lot and he would fit into any team, even Barcelona or Chelsea, probably the two best sides in this save.

My Best Buy Rating: 9.5/10

Although a guaranteed wonderkid and always becomes a great player (I assume because I haven’t seen him as a bad or even average player), he is quite expensive and only about 2-3 teams could afford to sign him and still have money to strengthen other parts of the team that require strengthening.

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  • comment avatar Darren Smith August 8, 2011

    Probably one of my favourite midfielders and certainly worth the fee as he’s the best while playing left wing and inside forward.

  • comment avatar Marius R August 8, 2011

    Amazing player, always seems to go to Arsenal in my games, but he is well worth the fee

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