FM 2011 player profile – David Ospina

FM 2011 Goalkeepers

written by plobdork

Name– David Ospina

Age– 21 years old

Position– GK

Club– Ojc Nice (France)

Nationality– Columbian

Value– £ 2.6 mill

Price tag– £ 7.5 mill

This is David Ospina a great goalkeeper in my opinion but comes with a hefty price, but this is okay because this player is only 21 and could last you up until his 40’s. I personally think that although he is expensive he is a great man inbetween the sticks, the only problem is he is one of the best in the world (when he develops) until the regen’s start coming. but even so he would be a great signing.

David Ospina In 2010 At The Start Of New Game

This is David Ospina in the year 2010. With already 10 caps to his name you can just tell he is going to be a hit with the international squad, he is already good enough for a team like Sunderland or Middlesbrough, but that wont stop the big giants snatching him so if your interested in this player try and sign him straight away. He doesn’t really want much wages with just £25k per week.

David Ospina Resport

Don’t know what you see here but i see a decent report possibility of being leading Premier League goalkeeper, good signing now, and if i believe correctly in my older saves such as Coventry and Barnsley if you manage to cough up enough money he will sign for a Championship team. Alot of teams in the future are trying to snatch him off Udinese but they wont budge, even I have tryed with a big £15 mill offer but as usual it got rejected.

David Ospina’s profile in 2019 aged 30

The above profile says it all, this keeper is a real gem and that £7.5 million asking price seems minimal considering his potential ability. Just look at him aged 30, he could play for any club and is a bargain price in my opinion.

Best buy rating: 8/10

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