FM 2011 player profile – David De Gea

FM 2011 Goalkeepers

written by Nicholas Phipps

David De Gea

Age: 19

Position: Goalkeeper

Club: Atletico Madrid

Nationality: Spanish

Value: 4,900,000

Price tag: 14,250,000 (Patch 11.3)

David De Gea starting attributes

David De Gea is already a very good Premier League goalkeeper at the age of 19, with great all-round stats and lots of potential. He doesn’t seem to have any serious weaknesses unless you see his lack of eccentricity as a bad thing! He is just a complete all rounded keeper, who, if trained well, is going to be scarily good in a few years time. Even here its pretty obvious that he’ll soon be one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Arsenal Scout Report

I agree with all the major points mentioned by Steve Rowley here, as well as his mazing 4 star potential. His three star current rating is probably about right although in my personal opinion, I think he’s already better then Almunia.

David De Gea in 2015

David De Gea here  has improved slightly but put on a better training regime, would probably have improved much more. Nevertheless, he is still a great player here, although he still hasn’t picked up a full cap for Spain (Casillas has been keeeping him out of the side!). He has made great improvements with his communcation and is one of the best goalkeepers in the world walking into any side (apart from Real Madrid) he would have surely won more caps for the national side if he hadn’t had been kept out by Casillas. However, he will keep improving and Casillas is growing older! In my opinion, David De Gea is the best goalkeeper under 21 at the start of th game and is a must buy for your team.

David De Gea in real life:

David De Gea has won numerous youth caps for Spain but still has yet to make an appearence for the full side, Between 2009 and 2011 he made 57 appearences for Atletico Madrid. Ths summer he moved to Manchester United for a fee of roughly £18,000,000 as the replacement for retiring goalkeeper, Edwin Van Der Sar.

Overall best buy rating: 9.5/10

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