FM 2011 player profile – Atila Turan

FM 2011 Defenders

written by plobdork

Name– Atila Turan

Age– 18 years old

Position– DL

Club– Gf 38 (France)


Value– £ 1.3 mill

Price tag– £ 3.0 mill

Well I promised a much better player and I delivered with this gem from what I beleive this guy has got to be one of the biggest transformations in the history of FM. But first i would like to point out that this can only happen if your club has amazing training facilitys as this is a 25% chance of gemness, yes its not a real word :)

Atila Turan’s profile in 2010 after starting new game

I know what your thinking, Plobdork why you showing me a hopeless reject and there is one reason why I am showing you Atila Turan, he is like a chameleon, seriously, obviously his aerial skills are not so good so you may want to train him up in that area. This player is wanted by nobody at the moment (Apart from me in my mind:) ) but thats mainly because of his value and his comitment to his club.

This is Atila Turan’s Report, not so great one if you ask me but it seems as though he would be good enough for a league 1 side with a possibility of being good enough for Burnley (a great team if you ask me) and that he would probobly be able to be bought from a club thats well not so good lets say Vauxhall or Blackburn :)

This is the moment youve all been waiting for…

Atila Turan’s profile aged 29

Here he is the Barcelona captain, the wonderkid that puts wonderkids to shame, the most valued player on my game in the year 2021. I GIVE YOU ATILA TURAN. Yeah i know i might be going a bit overboard, he is just a really good signing for anyone as you see he is still not good at his aerial skills, but he makes up for it with his brilliant mental attributes.

BUY RATING –  8/10 Because the chances of him being this great are not so good but if you pull it off your in for a treat :) :)

Plobdork Here Wishin You A good Day

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  • comment avatar Marius R July 30, 2011

    Never heard of this player before but he looks well worth a look, he seems the player that needs to play or he won’t get anywhere, nice update

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