FM 2011 player profile – Adem Ljajic

FM 2011 top stars

written by Nicholas Phipps

Adem Ljajic

Age: 18

Position: Right Winger

Club: Fiorentina

Nationality: Serbian

Value: 4,300,000

Price tag: 23,500,000 (Patch 11.3)

Starting Attributes

It becomes immediatly obvious that Ljajic is a very good player and considering the fact that he is only 18, incredible potential. He doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses and is already a good player. He could play as a winger or an attacking midfielder effectively and has very high technical and creative attributes. It is difficult to find a real weakness and although Ljajic would be expensive, he is an incredible talent.

Scout Report:

Ljajic in 2015:

Ljajic has improved immensly here and is one of the best players here, becoming a key player for club and country. He has improved massively and is a great player. Once again, the incredible fact is that he doesn’t have any proper weaknesses! He is quite expensive but is well worth the buy, and would only becomes more expensive, so if you want to sign him, it’s probably best you do it in your first season. He develops incredibly and I would reccomend him for any team in the world.

Overall best buy rating: 8.5/10

The only reason he isn’t marked higher is because of the relatively large price tag, but he is still a great signing for any team.


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  • comment avatar Darren Smith August 7, 2011

    Nice profile mate, a great player and one with tonnes of potential. A shame about the price tag but he’s worth a bid if the funds are available.

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