FM 2011 player profile – Abdallah Yaisien

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Darren Smith

Abdallah Yaisien

Age: 16

Position: AMC/CM/AMR/RM

Club: Paris Saint German (France)

Nationality: French

Value: £1.7 million

Price tag: £2.7 million on patch 11.3.

Abdallah Yaisien’s profile in 2010 (after starting new game, patch 11.3)

Abdallah Yaisien’s scouting report (from Grimandi of Arsenal)

Abdallah Yaisien’s profile aged 27 in 2021

Abdallah Yaisien’s career history until 2021

Yaisien is a real hot prospect in FM 2011, he starts with a very low CA but great amount of PA. To look at this 16 year olds starting attributes you’d never link him to the future profile shown above. In the year 2021 Yaisien has the ability to scare even the best defence, he’s quick, skilful and incredibly gifted technically. I think this FM 2011 wonderkid is worth a gamble at £2.7 million. The only thing to stop me rating Yaisien as an 8/10 is the fact that you must train him well and nurture the young Frenchman. But the results are easy to see within this profile.

Best buy rating: 7.5/10

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Simon Boendermaker

Wow fantastic prospect! I’ve never seen him as a good player before though, I am glad Aberdeen were given the honour of having him spend time at their club.


wow nice profile of yaisen darren lol guess you dont need mine then he is awesome very good i love him and he does need a lot fo work but if you offer him some rotational football you will love him