FM 2011 Player Profile – Aaron Ramsey

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Sibo

Aaron Ramsey

Age: 19

Position: Central Midfield (MC)

Club: Arsenal

Nationality: Wales

Value: £5.25 million

Asking Price: £17.5-22 million (11.3 patch)

Note: Ramsey has a broken leg at the start of the game, which will leave him out for 8 months, as a result the earliest you can get him is pre-season 2011/12 and this is when I have taken the asking price.

 Aaron Ramsey’s profile in 2010 (start of a new game)

Aaron Ramsey report (Pat Rice)

If it wasn’t for that injury I am sure many people would be talking about him in the same reverential tones as his team mate Jack Wilshere, who made his breakthrough into the Arsenal squad this season (2010/11). He has even received praise from no less than Xavi for his ability to pick a pass and his incredible vision on the field.

Many people believe that Arsene Wenger sees him as the ideal replacement to Fabregas when he leaves the club, creating a new central midfield partnership with Jack Wilshere and I can’t disagree that this will probably be one of the best midfield partnerships in the Premier League in a few years time.

Ramsey in 2014, age: 23, Thanks to vikingmarius.

My best buy rating: 7/10

Ramsey is a bit pricey, but the clubs that can afford him generally have very good training facilities, so they will be able to nurture Ramsey into a top player and reap the rewards. The only problem is, managers of these clubs “cough” Man City “cough” have the budgets to buy better players capable of making an instant impact. However, if you have the patience and give him enough game time he will develop into a fantastic midfielder, on par with Xavi and Iniesta.

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  • comment avatar Rui Santos July 14, 2011

    Maybe 15 millions is a little bit too much, but he seems a very good player

  • comment avatar Matt Clark July 14, 2011

    Ramsey is a quality player on fm, him being the only player with a PA of -10

  • comment avatar Matt Clark July 14, 2011

    proves it

  • comment avatar Sibo July 14, 2011

    Thanks for the comments guys, glad to see the post was well received! :D

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