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Nélson Oliveira

Age: 18

Position: ST

Club: F.C Paços de Ferreira (Portugal) [On loan from Benfica)

Nationality: Portuguese

Value: £1M

Price tag: £1.6M (Patch 11.3)

Nélson Oliveira’s profile in 2010 after starting new game

Not many have heard of Nélson before and it’s easy to see why, he just isn’t that great. At 18, he is merely another striker on loan to get some game time at another club you have never heard of. Hard to see where the potential is going to come from really as although he has decent base stats, he doesn’t excel in anything apart from maybe finishing/composure. But even then you will find vast amounts of youngsters in Premier League academies that are better. The scouts report below is from Arsenal’s Cagigao and shows what Oliveira could become:

Here, Cagigao compares him to world class Arsenal striker Robin van Persie. I have to agree with his scouting here, and three stars is more than fair for someone of such a low starting ability. He does have some very obvious advantages and disadvantages to his game. He is a big game player, which is a plus for any manager as well as his ‘Athleticism’. He does have some bad points, in the form of being selfish and he is a bit of a pansy. In reality though, you want your striker to be a little selfish as well as not getting involved in tackling (seeing as he is a striker).

Nélson Oliveira’s profile in 2018 aged 26

Massive improvement on all accounts. Honestly, I literally didn’t think he would be able to develop this much but Benfica have really nurtured him well! From a young boy out on loan to an unknown club, to an international superstar.. That £1.6M investment doesn’t seem like much now eh? Worth a massive £14.25M at the age of 26, Nélson has brilliant all round attributes for a striker! His ‘Athleticism’ improvements are very noticeable, and when Cagigao highlighted them, it wasn’t for nothing. Overall a very surprising buy considering his starting attributes and one that at the cost of a mere £1.6M, will carry the front line of any top side.

My Best Buy Rating: 9/10

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  • comment avatar Darren Smith August 8, 2011

    Wow another incredible find, well dine mate. I’d never have guessed this kid could improve so much.

  • comment avatar Marius R August 8, 2011

    Hardly ever seen this kid in the big leagues, but I guess with the right nurturing he becomes amazing

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