FM 2011 player profile – Alan Patrick

FM 2011 Central Midfielders

written by Excessive

Alan Patrick

Age: 19

Position: MC, AMC (Though should be an AML/R)

Club: Santos (Brazil)

Nationality: Brazilian

Value: £2.2M

Price tag: £3.5M (Patch 11.3)

Alan Patick’s profile in 2010 after starting a new game

Although oddly named as a 60 year old English man, the 19 year old Brazilian has some great attributes. In my eyes, he looks more of a winger and honestly I would look to train him in this position to get the best out of him. His speed and technique underlines his ability at the start of the game so you can concentrate on his attacking abilities such as his dribbling. The scouts report below is from Arsenal’s Cagigao and shows what Patrick could become:

Here, Cagigao compares him to world class Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas. As we all know Fabregas is the figure-head in the Arsenal team, and for a 19 year old to be compared to have the same potential as him, for just £3.5M is crazy. All the signs look very positive for the young Brazilian and the only problem that you might encounter with him (if you’re an English club) is that he may fail the work permit.

Alan Patrick’s profile in 2018 aged 27

Playing for Juventus at the moment, the player oozes world class ability. His Dribbling, Technique and Creativity are all above 17 with his pace holding the same figure. For just £3.5M, he is the all round AMC with the potential to be one of the best wingers on the game when he reaches his high 20’s if your clever enough to take advantage of that. Also, I rarely ever see a player managed by the AI that gets over an average rating of 8 so it is easy to see why Juventus snapped him up last season for £16M when he played out of his skin for Zenit.

My Best Buy Rating: 9/10

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  • comment avatar Vaibhav Chandrasekhar July 16, 2011

    Wow, 3.5 million is a bargain!

  • comment avatar Laxeyman July 16, 2011

    Looks like a snip at £3.5m, a must buy!

  • comment avatar plobdork July 16, 2011

    just signed him in my havant save

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