FM 2011 player profile – Ahmed Khalil

Darren's pick

written by Excessive

Ahmed Khalil

Age: 19

Position: ST

Club: Al-Ahli (UAE)

Nationality: Emirati

Value: £625K

Price tag: £625K (Patch 11.3)

Ahmed Khalil’s profile in 2010 after starting a new game

As a 19 year-old, he doesn’t look much of a world beater but this kid has potential. At the start of the game, the only thing noticeable about his average profile is his speed. Khalil is lightning quick and although this isn’t all you need to be a brilliant poacher, it aids his development as a player in the sense that you bolster most of his training towards his striking capabilities. The scouts report below is from Arsenal’s Cagigao and shows what Khalil could become:

Here, Cagigao compares him to world class Arsenal striker Robin van Persie. I agree with his comparison, and for a striker that costs so little to have the potential to be better than him is unreal. Again, he has highlighted his speed in the report but also notice that he is a big game player, something that is valuable to any manager I’m sure. His problem though isn’t his ability, its his nationality as English clubs will need to try and get a work-permit for him. No problem if your Bayern or Roma (who are both majority interested in him at the start of the game), but to Arsenal it will be a bit of a struggle.

Ahmed Khalil’s profile in 2018 aged 27

Now for £600K, he is a catch! He has improved on pretty much every aspect of his game, and has been nurtured by the AI really well. Still quick as lightning and playing for Barcelona no less. Coincidently in my save, he did end up going to Man City before he joined the Spanish giants so a work permit is possible but there is tough competition for his signature at the start of the game so you have to be fast. Overall, he is a wonderful signing and has the potential to be a brilliant poacher at a fraction of the cost.

My Best Buy Rating: 9/10

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  • comment avatar csatlantis July 15, 2011

    wow, he looks like quite a bargain, he’s playing for Fulham in my save, and is easily their best player by far

  • comment avatar Stephan Mashford August 10, 2011

    I live in the UAE and i’ve seen him play, he is amazing!

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