FM 2012 player profile – Luuk De Jong

FM 2012 Strikers

written by Ryan Daly

Luuk De Jong

Age: 20

Position: ST/AMC

Club: Fc Twente

Nationality: Dutch

Value: £2.8m

Price tag: £10m

De Jong profile in 2011 (after starting new game, patch 12.2)

De Jong scouting report from Langley of Arsenal

De Jong profile aged 25 in 2016

De Jong career history until 2016

Many of you will be pretty familiar with Luuk De Jong. He is a Dutch wonderkid who, with the right training, can become a goal machine. In his profile above he just doesn’t stop scoring, his performances earn him a move to Serie A where, again, he becomes a deadly striker and seeing this, i don’t think you can doubt that this young man has quality. His attributes are more consistent than spectacular, but he still bangs in the goals, so is definitely one for the shortlist on your search for the right man to lead your line.

Best buy rating: 8/10

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  • comment avatar Darren Smith August 2, 2012

    I like De Jong, shame he hasn’t improved a tonne here but he does show some real promise and is certainly a good option for those who like an all round forward.

    • comment avatar Ryan Daly August 2, 2012

      Yes, opinions are split on De Jong but i too think he is a great player. The profile above shows how he can develop with computer management and he can improve more under human management.

  • comment avatar Gaurav Chaddah August 2, 2012

    He is a good player when starting off but has a good potential but I think with human management he would have developed better. ;)

    • comment avatar Ryan Daly August 2, 2012

      With human development he would be better, He can perform at the top even without it, so id imagu=ine for £10m you cant really go wrong

  • comment avatar Ross August 3, 2012

    he scored a bicycle kick against me last season, can’t remember who he was playing with, but a fairly clinical finisher

  • comment avatar Benjy August 3, 2012

    Wow, I never really would have expected much from De Jong (as you said not really spectacular stats) but that’s a great scoring rate for a top team like Inter. He sort of reminds me of Cavani, not quite as good but well rounded and £20m cheaaper. He’ll certainly be a player I’ll consider from now on.

    • comment avatar Ryan Daly August 6, 2012

      Your right, I didnt think he would be so good either

  • comment avatar darock August 4, 2012

    Very good player indeed, he can score and pass too. It seems that he becomes a free agent in most games (3 times happen to me) and i always get him, one season of good training may be needed, but after that he starts showing the goods.

    • comment avatar darock August 4, 2012

      *free agent in 2012

      • comment avatar Ryan Daly August 4, 2012

        well he certainly would be a cracking signing if you get him for free

  • comment avatar Danny August 5, 2012

    Luuk De Jong Isn’t on my Fm12 ? :(

    • comment avatar Ryan Daly August 6, 2012

      maybe you have a small database with the league not loaded ?

  • comment avatar step August 6, 2012

    John Guidetti his he worthy 3.5 million ?

    • comment avatar Ryan Daly August 6, 2012

      i have never had him but i would say he is definitely worth 3.5 million

  • comment avatar step August 6, 2012

    asking this beacause i have 3 st and i wnat a 4st that could score and cover the injuries or the international and i have 3 in mind guidetti sigdursson and rondon but i dont wanna spent more then 5 million if you could tell me one st ( preference proacher XD )i would like

    my st:
    j.ayew- 1st option

    • comment avatar Ryan Daly August 6, 2012

      firstly, I would have Fierro and Sanogo ahead of Ayew, but for your 4th I would choose Guidetti because Rondon is more of a target man and Sigurdsson is an attacking midfielder. but this is personal preference, i would urge you to do what you think is right

  • comment avatar step August 6, 2012

    ty :)i have ayew first beacause of his power and finishing power as fierro i dont know how to use him well because a prefer a procher and he his more a treq.

  • comment avatar fajar September 25, 2012

    great player on my newcastle save,,first i played him as dlf good but not reaching his potential,,after i buy seydou dumbia i put him as amc advanced playmaker got somewhere around 42 assist on his second season and win the bpl,,sorry if my english worst

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