Best FM 2016 Cheap Players

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Updated for patch 16.3

Welcome to the most comprehensive list of best FM 2016 cheap players. We all love finding the bargain buys of FM16, but sometimes your opinions need reinforcement, that is where we come in. We offer you in depth player profiles, asking prices, ratings and much more. Our list is completely interactive so you can scout the best FM 2016 cheap players.

To view our player profiles simply click the names from the list, you’ll be sent to a profile screen including the information shown below and much more. It couldn’t be easier to not only find but also analyse the best Football Manager 2016 cheap players.

  • Our opinion and advice for every FM 2016 bargain buy including their best role.
  • Official Football Manager 2016 cheap players current ability and potential ability, as seen in the games editor.
  • Best FM 2016 cheap players future screenshots from 2021 or beyond.

We show you how each player could develop, just by clicking his name. For me this is the most in depth and best FM16 cheap players list around.

Have you tried the search feature yet? Just type in a position like ‘ST’ to filter the list down. This is situated above the table and helps you nail down the best FM 2016 cheap players by position.

Please remember that all asking prices and details are subject to who you make a bid with. We make all our bids during the first week of a newly loaded save, with the large database loaded, including England, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil loaded as playable. If you don’t do the same, then chances are the asking price will vary.

Best FM 2016 Cheap Players

Player NamePositionAsking Price
(million GBP)
Diakhate, Abdou LahatDMC/MC0.87516Fiorentinasen
Donnarumma, GianluigiGK3.016AC Milanita
Gomes, ZeST0.82516Benficapor
Bentancur, RodrigoMR/MC3.518Boca Juniorsuru
Romero, MaximilianoST1.116Velezarg
Rajkovic, PredragGK4.519Maccabi Tel-Avivser
Mammana, EmanuelDC4.919River Platearg
Arango, JhonMC/AMC0.00517Deportivo Estudiantilcol
Pulisic, ChristianML/AMLC/MR/AMR2.316Dortmundusa
Henrique, LuisST4.517Botafogobra
Pedro, RuiST2.917FC Portopor
KukiAMC/ST/AMR4.317At. Malaguenoesp
Zivkovic, AndrijaAMR/MR/AML1.618Partizanser
Villalba, FranAMC2.717Valenciaesp
Cubas, AndresDMC5.019Boca Juniorsarg
Mbappe, KylianAMR/AML/ML2.316Monacofra
Conechny, TomasST3.517San Lorenzoarg
Grimaldo, AlexDL/WBL/ML4.819Benficaesp
Zivkovic, RichairoST4.418Ajaxned
Clemenza, LucaAMC/AML/ST0.77517Juventusita
Delgadillo, NicolasML/AML/AMR5.017Velezarg
Espinoza, CristianAMR/ST5.020Huracanarg
Bonazzoli, FedericoST1.018Sampdoriaita
Capone, ChristianAML/AMC/AMR/ST0.516Atalantaita
CarlosAML/ST3.619Atletico Madridbra
Alena, CarlesMC/AMC0.82517Barcelonaesp
Olmo, DaniAMC/ST2.017Dinamo Zagrebesp
Garratt, BenGK1.221Creweeng4
Cutrone, PatrickST2.817AC Milanita4
Filipe, JoaoAMR/AML0.6516Benficapor4
Barbona, DavidMC/AML/AMC3.520Estudiantesarg4
Melegoni, FilippoMC0.616Atalantaita4
Alastra, FabrizioGK4.517Palermoita4
Jaba, LeoAML/ST0.516Corinthiansbra4
Gomez, GustavoDC3.522Lanuspar
Emeterio, Borja SanDR/WBR2.018Racing Santanderesp
Lopez, FrancoAMC/ST2.517River Platearg4
Cabral, LucianoAMC/MC3.521Argentinoschi4
Hendrix, JorritDC/DM/MC/DL4.020PSVned4
Klostermann, LukasDR/WBR/DC5.019RB Leipzigger4
Diallo, AbdouDC/DL/DM/MC3.019Monacofra4
Tulissi, TizianoAMR/AMC/ST1.017Atlantaita4
Munoz, AlexDL/DC/WBL1.420Herculesesp4
Cavare, DimitriDR/WBR3.820Stade Rennaisfra4
Vizeu, FelipeST3.018Flemishbra4
Figal, JorgeDC2.721Independientearg4
Fernandez, JulianDMC/MC2.520All Boysarg4
Lusamba, ArnaudAMC/MRLC/AMRL2.518Nancyfra4
Pavon, CristianAML/ST/AMC3.019Boca Juniorsarg4
Youan, ElieST0.816Nantesfra4
Yamga, KevinAML/ST/AMR4.518Chievofra4
Casquete, AbelAMC/ST1.417River Plateecu4
Roskopf, MatiasST0.72517Boca Juniorsarg4
Moreira, RodrigoDR/WBR1.918Independientearg4
Masuaku, ArthurDL/WBL/ML3.521Olympiakosfra4
Dozzell, AndreMC/AMC0.516Ipswicheng4
Castellano, FabioMC/AMC/ML/AML0.917Atalantaita4
RafaelsonAML/ST1.218Vitoriabra3 stars-s